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We at Sparkers are experts in data management, analytics and advisory within the Entertainment industry. We are the official data providers and offer a platform to world’s largest entertainment publishers including Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

We collect, process, deliver and report on ample amounts of data from a range of partners including the world’s largest retailers, publishers, developers, distributors and streaming platforms. At Sparkers, we provide actionable market insights through our easy to use online data portals, weekly reporting and one-on-one tailored advisory services.

Market Insights include:

  • Access to our Online Data Portals
  • Weekly, Quarterly and Yearly Reporting
  • Expert one-on-one account management
  • Ad-hoc reports, presentations and coverage on key industry events
  • Industry news through weekly posts and blog articles

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On our Sparkers Online Data Portals

Our Online Data Portals empower you to unlock market insights relevant to your business needs. Built on our state-of-the-art Ember platform, we collect, qualify, enrich and visualize all the data you need, providing you with the tools you need to SPARK.

We connect to a range of global sources, reporting on transactional retail sales, digital online purchases and live streaming data.

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Sparkers Global Coverage

Our data sources include:


  • Retail stores
    Point of sale transactional data from physical and online web stores across the globe. Some of our partners include Amazon, Gamestop, Carrefour, Fnac, Tesco, Auchan and UniEuro.
  • Digital stores
    Digital downloads from major online storefronts including PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Nintendo eShop and Steam.
  • Streaming Platforms
    Streaming audience and engagement data from major online streaming platforms including Twitch, Youtube and Dlive.

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The Spark you need

Why Sparkers as your entertainment data companion?

  1. Data is what we do: the only thing we do Providing you with data needed to make relevant business decisions
  2. Over 15 years of experience in the Entertainment Industry Supporting the world’s largest entertainment publishers
  3. Know GSD? We are operating the Game Sales Data (GSD) project for the Video Game Industry
  4. One platform, global data Ember is designed to evolve with your business needs and to adapt to new market situations
  5. A dedicated team of Sparkers Market and data experts in the Entertainment Industry