Optimize your sales distribution process

An end-to-end retail data solution designed to enhance the efficiency of distribution partners, for both physical retailers and e-tailers

Dealing with huge amounts of data, digital and physical, on a clever platform for overall market intelligence is one. But what if you’d need your very own take on those data for your products?

On it! We can fine-tune Cockpit to make even more sparks fly off for you. We analyze your products’ specific sales and streams:

  • For greater detail
    up to retailer or store level
  • With any additional data sources that make sense to you
    production data, sell-In, stock, private API’s or any other you’d need
  • Customization ‘light’
    available as well

Our spark machine: meet Cockpit

We combine market, sales and engagement information:

  • Market performance
    to understand your position
  • Digital and retail sales
    from your channel partners
  • Communities engagement
    via public and private API’s from digital platforms

Cockpit then processes these data in real time and works its magic, together with us, Sparkers. We go through 6 stages to bring you unique product performance insights:

1. Extract and transform data

Cockpit eats the raw data files in their original format and transforms them into its single format. Fully automated, based on predefined rules.

2. Load data

All files get loaded into the Cockpit data lake. Ready to be transformed into insights.

3. Enrich data

We build the most complete and reliable living product reference database of the industry with more than 240.000 items and counting. Including: AI-based product, sales and audience mapping. Continuous automatic product enrichment. Completed and controlled by Sparkers keeping an eye on everything.

4. Extrapolate data

We understand the market. Its dynamics, its specifics, everything. And so does Cockpit. That’s why it can show you what is not readily available, so you get the full picture.

5. Visualize data

Our online platform visualizes sales and streams info.

6. Report

Any specific report you need, any specific angle that matters to you. It’s automated: you receive it in your mailbox daily, weekly, monthly, like you prefer.

On to your finest
commercial success? Get sparked.

Typically category & country or brand managers are fans of their Cockpit, and data analysts too.

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The Spark you need

Why Sparkers as your entertainment data companion?

  1. Data is what we do: the only thing we do Providing you with data needed to make relevant business decisions
  2. Over 15 years of experience in the Entertainment Industry Supporting the world’s largest entertainment publishers
  3. Know GSD? We are operating the Game Sales Data (GSD) project for the Video Game Industry
  4. One platform, global data Ember is designed to evolve with your business needs and to adapt to new market situations
  5. A dedicated team of Sparkers Market and data experts in the Entertainment Industry