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About us

Our mission at Sparkers is to provide innovative, reliable, hassle-free insights to the Entertainment Industry, helping you understand the present and shape the future.

Our vision is to be the world’s preferred data companion for the Entertainment Industry.

Our strategy is to provide the most reliable and trustworthy data management service, based on our best-in-class platform Ember, to continuously support our customers while they evolve in the booming world of Entertainment.

From the start I could see the Sparkers approach was different. There was always an effort to push the project forward and question the status quo. Many years later this attitude endures.

Simon Little, CEO VGE

Our values


  • Trust & Collaboration
    Providing a trustworthy and collaborative environment for our team and users is the key to building long lasting partnerships.
  • Respect & Integrity
    Respecting the opinion of our employees, offering an open space to discuss ideas.
  • Innovation & Creativity
    Continuously innovating our platform and developing new products to keep up with the latest market trends and needs of our users.
    Encouraging an open and creative environment for our team of Sparkers, allowing each individual to have a say in the evolution of our products.
  • Passion & Accountability
    Enabling our team of Sparkers to work on their passion for the Entertainment industry and take ownership and accountability.

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Why Sparkers as your entertainment data companion?

  1. Data is what we do: the only thing we do Providing you with data needed to make relevant business decisions
  2. Over 15 years of experience in the Entertainment Industry Supporting the world’s largest entertainment publishers
  3. Know GSD? We are operating the Game Sales Data (GSD) project for the Video Game Industry
  4. One platform, global data Ember is designed to evolve with your business needs and to adapt to new market situations
  5. A dedicated team of Sparkers Market and data experts in the Entertainment Industry