Sparkling, all custom entertainment market data insights

Get analysis and advice on any specific commercial and marketing question

  • How did your promotion do?
  • What was the impact of your new release?
  • Questions about price elasticity of specific products?
  • Need directions for your pricing optimization strategy?
  • Need help managing your product catalogue?
  • Online and on-site market presentations delivered by our local market experts

Ask us, Sparkers. We’re rather crazy about the entertainment market, the data it generates and how we can make it work for you. Ask our entertainment market experts. Games, music, video, streaming, events – name it. We’re on it.

We’ll get our state-of-the-art platform Ember to work for you. Based on point-of-sales data analytics, using store group method and modeling techniques, we help you with sparkling advisory insights. Fully customized to your questions.

So you can take the right business decisions towards commercial success.

From entertainment market data to specific advisory insights

Games, music, video, streaming audiences, esport events – wherever and whatever the sources. We Sparkers analyze multiple sources of data and

  • Provide insights
    and guidance to the industry
  • Share our expertise with publishers, retailers
    distributors, manufacturers, licence owners, payment platforms, brands, agencies…
  • Support the initiatives of and act as partners
    with the National Trade Associations in each territory
  • We participate in industry events
    conferences to contribute to a better understanding
  • We provide online and on-site market presentations
    delivered by our local market experts

Dedicated apps
on Ember and market insights

Of course. More sparks added. By our very own Sparkers.
How could we help you?

The Spark you need

Why Sparkers as your entertainment data companion?

  1. Data is what we do: the only thing we do Providing you with data needed to make relevant business decisions
  2. Over 15 years of experience in the Entertainment Industry Supporting the world’s largest entertainment publishers
  3. Know GSD? We are operating the Game Sales Data (GSD) project for the Video Game Industry
  4. One platform, global data Ember is designed to evolve with your business needs and to adapt to new market situations
  5. A dedicated team of Sparkers Market and data experts in the Entertainment Industry