Sparkers operates the GSD project for the video games industry

An industry-backed analytics and reporting initiative on the sales and streaming of video games.

GSD (Games Sales Data) is an industry-backed project that collects, reports and delivers video game sales data across both physical retail and digital network sales channels. We offer a global platform and a solution enabling world-leading publishers, distributors and retailers to better understand, track and report on the sales and streaming of video games in their local territories.

GSD is owned and backed by local National Video Game Trade Associations, a project designed for the games industry, by the games industry.

The power of physical and digital convenience

GSD partners with industry players across the globe including publishers, distributors and retailers to accurately collect, enrich and process weekly sales data for the video games industry. We are experts in both physical and digital file collection, product creation, data processing and extrapolation.

Our team of market analysts deliver weekly physical retail and digital online sales reports back to the industry, helping you to easily identify the latest market trends. All data is delivered through a single data source, accessible on our GSD online platform.


GSD also offers a range of analytic and advisory services. Our market experts regularly create and deliver State of the Industry presentations, enabling you to understand the very latest sales trends in video games without the need to be a data expert.

Today, video games are much more than just making a single purchase in a store or online storefront. Consumers are now engaging with their favourite video games through live events, Esports, streaming, and building communities around popular franchises to support their favorite games. This is why Sparkers and GSD have launched an Audiences project, a service that reports and tracks the latest online streaming trends and Esports live events across the video games industry. 

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Game Sales Data is

  • For the games industry, by the games industry
    operated on behalf of the industry, enabling global tracking and reporting on video games
  • Long lasting relationships with industry players
    working closely with our long-term industry partners to track and deliver sales data across multiple regions and territories.
  • Based on world-leading technology 
    enabling our users to access both physical and digital game sales, and streaming audiences data from any device
  • Dedicated product creation and data enrichment team
    ensuring week-to-week data is accurate and reliable
  • Global consistency in data reporting
    physical/ digital sales and streaming data across countries and territories, all accessible in a single data source with standardized categorization and naming conventions
  • Advisory services delivered by market experts 
    identifying trends, performing analysis and turning data into easy to understand insights