How gaming data speak about shifts, trends and interest

Get a grip on video game data, whatever comes next

As the world of gaming has exploded into a multi-faceted, ever expanding universe with all of these different players floating around, your grip on data is the ground under your feet.

Video game development, marketing and monetization now involves tracking sales, monitoring e-sport events and building communities. Many different players are involved: publishers, distributors, developers, retailers, brands, agencies, payment providers…

Plotting your next move with confidence means knowing which data matters, and getting your insights quickly, and clearly.

The power of digital convenience

It’s nothing more than a big bang. For some time now, the video game universe is larger  than the US movie industry, benefiting like no other from the COVID-19 pandemic.

It continues to shift. From brick and mortar retail to digital storefronts, retailers are being forced to diversify into merchandising, trade-in programs and gaming events.

Meanwhile, digital storefronts like PSN, Steam, Epic store, Xbox Live and Nintendo’s Eshop are benefiting from this change of course in consumer behavior that favors as gamers opt for digital convenience.

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Building one engine to give off many sparks

  • A strong network
    across the industry and various players
  • Merging game sales data
    with streams data to catch true ‘interest’
  • Collecting both physical data
    and digital data
  • Global consistency in data reporting
    across countries and territories
  • Translating data into trends, understanding
    and insights to base your decisions on
  • Universal, clean set-rule classification of data
    GSD is designed by/for the industry for global alignment in data

Sparkling video
gaming market analytics and insights

We, Sparkers, are building your single source of insights. Our state-of-the-art platform Ember is continuously evolving to become your single source of game data-based insight:

  • Intuitive
    easy to use, easy to understand
  • Weekly updates
    real-time insights
  • Personal assistance
    from Account Managers and Market Analysts aka Sparkers
  • Various ways of being Sparked
    from a personal cockpit on Ember to market presentations for groups