Where do these gaming streams come from? And why?

Your relationship with gamers and gaming communities

As games evolve into expanded experiences, communities can be built and expanded organically thanks to streaming platforms and content.

Streaming data has become a crucial indicator on how well a franchise is doing, more so than simple sales figures. It shows how strong a title’s relationship is with its audience. How much of their attention it is getting.

The thing with those blockbuster games is that they need a box office release. They cost more than $100 million to make these days and in order to be able to do that and bring new Intellectual Property (IP) to the market – which is a very risky thing and we did that four times in the PS4 generation – you’ve got to have a box office release.

Jim Ryan, Playstation CEO, Nov. 2020

It’s all about engagement

Gamers today are in it for the long haul. The stakes for major new blockbuster game titles have never been higher. It is all about the engagement and as a publisher you will need to secure your investment.

An engaged gamer is one that will continue to return to your experience, spending money as well as time. Think: DLC, Game as a Service (GaaS), Expansion Passes, Netflix-like live services…

A single piece of software has become part of a bigger ‘whole’ called a Franchise/Intellectual Property (IP) with plenty of mechanisms that tie a gamer to you.

Engagement and commitment build communities created around common interests. Multiplayer games can also make competition happen within their communities.

Streams as community

Enter game streaming. Digital broadcasting platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Dlive and many more have provided gaming communities with the means to expand the way they live their passion together.

From major events like e-sport tournaments to single influencers, live entertainment content is streamed to worldwide audiences made of individuals watching those streams and interacting with each other.

This is big.
Audiences are exploding through the dazzling reach of streamers.

You have to have a grip on streaming data – period

  • Your audiences are everywhere now
    Scattered, multiplying – consumers are now watching content through many different models and platforms, engaging more and more with influencers.
  • Monetization of these audiences requires standardization
    Just like TV in the early days. You can only grow once a common set of rules, KPI’s and measurement ‘bodies’ have been adopted by the industry. This is taking shape now.
  • Your territory is expanding
    Engaging communities is a job that does not stop at the boundaries of a game. It’s the IP’s overall performance everywhere that matters.
  • Engagement will take center stage
    Transactions? Meh. What matters is engagement levels with your audience to secure longer term monetization

Our Streaming applications on our platform Ember analyze these live audiences and their impact on sales, so you can make informed decisions.

From the source to gamer

our Ember platform offers you an almost instantaneous outlook on Big Data

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Game streaming data? Challenge accepted, says Ember

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Set foot in game streaming data territory

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