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Merchandise is a major consumer loyalty strategy & source of info

What does game merchandising sales tell us about gamers and game sales?

As part of a loyalty strategy to make gamers return to shops and make up for the loss of margins on pure game sales, we can help you

  • anticipate consumer trends
  • better understand the consumer journey to purchase
  • detect new business opportunities, optimize stock
  • cleverly connect with the e-sports community
  • understand your market position
  • sell the right brands
  • optimize your pricing strategies

Gaming retail continues to shift

How come? Gamers today are seeking alternative retail solutions than visiting brick and mortar stores to buy their next title on a disc. Mass markets and specialists found a new competitor in webshops, this was the first major gamechanger.

Second shift: physical and online package sales face challenges from all kinds of digital formats, downloadables from specialized gaming platforms owned by

  • Console builders
    PlayStation network, Xbox Live and the Nintendo eShop
  • Software publishers
    Origin, Battlenet, Uplay…
  • Specialized e-tailers offering content in downloads or streams format
    Steam, Twitch, Amazon, Facebook, Google Stadia…

This continues to generate a whole new universe of data, continuously expanding today.

High-maintenance relationship with gamers

Some mass market players decided to step out of the race, while others, the specialized retailers, started looking for new strategies, online and offline: smarter loyalty programs, better customer service, enhanced shopping experiences in store, community building, POS launch events, overall trying to forge a genuine relationship with gamers.

Gamers turn out to be a high-maintenance bunch, though. Instead of pre-ordering, many more gamers now prefer to visit shops and expect an experience. The second hand assortment had to make way for value cards, merchandising, accessories and alike.

To enrich that in-store experience around games, accessories that enhance and improve the gaming experience are added, alongside merchandising: figurines, t-shirts, sweaters, board games, plushies, caps, cups…

A wider range of products available in store improves turnover and profitability of retailers. Furthermore, consumer loyalty and satisfaction get a boost.

Spark your video game merchandise data

Merchandising is, quite simply, booming, but at the same time it requires longer design, production and logistics cycles.

With us, Sparkers, you can use merchandising sales data on our platform Ember to make your next move with confidence:

  • Get market insights and anticipate trends
    analyze how franchises translate into specific merchandising
  • Better understand the journey to purchase
    where products are sold, how merchandising sales relate to certain franchises, what makes for higher consumer demand…
  • Detect new opportunities, optimize stock
    create a unique experience for your consumers, so they come back more often. Make sure you meet their needs in the most effective way
  • Connect with the e-sports community
    e-sports events open new opportunities for tournament apparel, accessories, and gadgets sales. Stay ahead!

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