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Make your next move on time and with confidence. Our next generation platform collects both sales data and streaming data across the globe. At Sparkers, we provide you with the tools, services and insights needed to Spark within the Entertainment Industry!

To make smart data-based decisions, fast.
With us, Sparkers, your entertainment data companion

Putting data together your way

Data is everywhere. Consumers are purchasing across various sales channels including in-store, online and downloading. They are engaged through multiple platforms and content can be shared across devices and streamed online.

Data is essential. Always-on, always new, always changing.

Then there’s you. Preparing that next move.

That’s where we come in. Our industry-leading platform Ember alongside a global team of market and IT specialists, enables you to make data-based decisions through market & sales insights, engagement analytics and specialized advisory services. Our platform provides data to the world’s largest entertainment publishers and distributors.

Ember is continuously evolving to collect, clean, enrich and deliver the data you need.

Our data insights and advisory services cover key industry events through our online platform, market review presentations, ad-hoc data requests and ongoing newsletters.

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The Sparkers Team is doing a great job in grasping the Video Games Industry data challenges. They are trusted partners for our data architecture and market insights

Thomas Bachelerie

Head of Business Intelligence
at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe

Sparking new business decisions and insights

We deliver Market insights, Product tracking and Custom solutions exclusively to the Entertainment Industry. We do this by capturing global Sales and Streaming data like no other.

  • Market Insights Services
    Identifying market trends and assessing your performance against competition
  • Cockpits
    Custom-made solutions to pilot your physical and digital business
  • Advisory Services
    Keeping you up-to-date on the latest industry trends with custom insights and targeted analysis

Getting sparked could mean …

  • accessing global data delivered in a single online platform, from any device
  • identifying and understand market trends across Entertainment Industry
  • saving time with industry leading data automation
  • getting relevant market insights, tailored to your business needs

Entertainment data? Video Games, music, video – in whatever shape and format, today and tomorrow.  We’re on it. 

We collect, process and report on entertainment sales and streaming audiences data globally.

At Sparkers, we follow the latest market trends and continuously adapt our services to ensure you have an accurate and reliable outlook in the Entertainment Industry.

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Global team of Sparkers

We’re in Brussels, Madrid, Paris, London, Moscow, Yerevan, Los Angeles and Sydney. So somewhere, there’s always a light on.

With an international team of Sparkers, and global coverage across 50 countries, we’re here to help. Go ahead, talk English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Armenian, Russian to us.

Companies relying on Sparkers

Why Sparkers as your entertainment data companion?

  1. Data is what we do: the only thing we do Providing you with data needed to make relevant business decisions
  2. Over 15 years of experience in the Entertainment Industry Supporting the world’s largest entertainment publishers
  3. Know GSD? We are operating the Game Sales Data (GSD) project for the Video Game Industry
  4. One platform, global data Ember is designed to evolve with your business needs and to adapt to new market situations
  5. A dedicated team of Sparkers Market and data experts in the Entertainment Industry