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Make your next decision in the entertainment industry on time and with confidence. Based on international gaming, streaming and merchandising data collected and brought to you as insights on our next-gen platform Ember.

By your very own entertainment data companion

Putting data together your way

People gaming. Buying games. Streaming. Platforms. Audiences. Stores. Channels. Data is everywhere, always-on, always new, always changing.

There’s you. With targets. Needing insights. Control. Nerve. Preparing that next move. Wanting to go forward.

Then there’s us. Sparkers. And our awesome Ember Platform that is getting cleverer every day. Designed to automatically collect, clean and enrich data, it brings you all the elements for your commercial success on a platter.

So you can make smart decisions fast and make sparks flying off. Like a welder putting it all together. With us and our Ember platform at your side.

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We go back to personal relations. Trust, reputation, experience. That’s a trend we will see increasing.

Alberto Gonzalez Lorca

VP South Europe & Bus Dev

Sparking your data
flows and insights

We deliver Market insights, Product tracking and Custom solutions exclusively to the Entertainment Industry. We do this by measuring Sales and Streaming Audiences like no other.

Getting sparked along
the way could mean

  • saving time thanks to really clever automation
  • taking out the hussle in getting to relevant data
  • following shifts in your industry, because we’re on it
  • getting your hands regularly on new services
  • enjoying working with us, for a long time
  • making the right calls, because we want you to!

Entertainment data? Gaming, streaming audiences and merchandising – in whatever shape and channel, today and tomorrow. Name it. We’re on it. We use it.

Sure, collecting, formatting and reporting on all entertainment related sales and behavior in over 50 countries worldwide is one thing. Putting it together like you need it is quite another.

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We’re in Brussels, Madrid, Paris, London, Moscow and Sydney. So somewhere, there’s always a light on.

We are 45 FTEs strong – and counting. Assisting clients active in 25 countries, all in their proper languages. So, go ahead, talk English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Russian and Swedish to us.

Companies relying on Sparkers

Why Sparkers as your entertainment data companion?

  1. Data is what we do: the only thing we do It’s how we aim to bring you the elements of your commercial success
  2. 18 years of experience in the entertainment industry Working for the world’s biggest publishers
  3. Know GSD? That would be us driving it
  4. One platform, all the elements of your commercial success Ember is designed to evolve, and evolve with you
  5. Why not? Go ahead, try us.